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333 is a number that represents a magical power and being. If you search your feelings, you already know this to be true. As a power, it becomes a doorway to other dimensions, such as heaven or hell, depending on where it is written in the temple before your ritual. It is meaningless to those who cannot attain the state of mind to activate its power. Like a guitar, or piano, it has different levels of vibration it can interact with. It is upto you to find those places, starting within yourself. As a being, it is a God, or mighty spirit. It may or may not be the divine creator, but it did play a part in creating our universe. It is very very old. It's key element is water. It is alive, and it will call to you many different ways, using the language of numbers, because it doesn't speak our language as we do. So count the drops of rain, the sand grains upon the beach, the number of hears upon your head, and see the number 333 everywhere. And when you are ready for the truth, look within for this God, and say, "I AM".


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