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(Help open new doors)


I have and will continue to provide free occult education. I hope to someday have Magic Halls around the world. There will be occult science meets, discussions on the latest magical techniques, and food, music, and drink to enjoy, and of course a ritual. We are not trying to compete with world religions, or secret societies, cults, or clubs. We are in a unique dimension of our own.

As founder and occult professor of this academy, I need money to give me the free time to devote to your magical education. The more money I receive, the more free time I will have to spend giving you knowledge not found anywhere else. I am one of a kind, and this might be the only opportunity you find to open doors to new knowledge of this kind. Opportunity sometimes only passes by one time.

I hope you will show your participation and support. It doesn't matter whether you donate as little as $1, please send something. If possible, send it regularly, like once per week. You will certainly be rewarded with good fortune (even if not permanently), and you will receive more articles and classes at this academy.

The Paypal link below is absolutely encypted and secure. You may use any one of several credit/debit cards or a Paypal account.

Thank You so Much for contributing. We will grow.


Your Friend,