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Become a light in my past, and you shall have a bright future.


                       Real Wizards' Academy
         You've walked into a place like no other in the world. Whether by accident or by desire, you are here for a reason and for a purpose. The knowledge to be gained here shall benefit your life and the lives of others.
         This is the entrance to your free online Wizard's Academy. You can't find a better magic school for wizard's or witches.
         The fundamental advantage of this website is to train you in the art of magic. Unlike other magical training courses and books, these lessons are designed to allow you to excel in magic with as little human interference as possible. I seek to train you without imposing rules and regulations upon you. Your freedom to choose your own methods, style, and structure is ultimately the correct path to being a powerful wizard, witch, or magician.

         I'm Mysticalgod, and I'll be your guide. I've been a practicing wizard/magician since 1988, and yet a natural wizard within since I was born. My birth chart will show you that I possess the marks of a real wizard, with strong indications of psychic abilities, transformative abilities, and powerful personality, but tamed by selfless service and a warm heart.

I'm also a writer, who is also an aircraft mechanic. You may find my latest publications here at this website, or you may go to SCRIBED.COM.  This is a wizards academy that provides the best Magical Advice in the world. You will be handed the truth, without burdensome rules to follow, or elite clubs to join. The Magical Advice lessons are given in numerical order, and they are downloadable, so they may be ready anytime later. (Be sure to back up two copies of these special books, and keep one copy of each in a ZIP or RAR file format, because there will be invisible beings who will try to separate this knowledge from you, by manifesting accidents that may mysteriously cause you the loss of your books.)
       The Magical Advice lessons expose secret societies who have attempted to dominate, or monopolize, the area of magic and occult sciences in the west, and the lessons provide a truthful, lucid, path to real magic. And, you'll see that there are, and must be, other powerful methods to achieve successful magic.
       You could even say that these lessons are of divine origin. As you'll learn in our magic school, the angels themselves were taught magic in heaven.
       These studies occult science can result in deeper knowledge of yourself, your environment, and your universe, and it will give you a natural control over your life as intended by the Creator/Spirit/Source, IF you accept these teachings in faith, practice, and persistence.

       Whether searching Google, Yahoo, MSN, or AOL, you will find this free online wizard's academy with high quality magical advice.
       The magic school forum is to suppliment your book training with somewhat live training, so that any gaps in your education may be filled, allowing you to excel in the field of magic to levels you have not been able to imagine.
        Please note, if any wizard's academy book fails to appear, close the page and reopen the page.



               ABOUT    M A G I C A L    333                 


         Magical 333 is a Group of people like yourself, interested in occult science, and they are also exceptional magic practitioners, wizards and witches.

         All people are welcome into the magical group. Some people are part of it simply by utilizing the teachings, and some are part of the group by sharing in its beliefs. Nevertheless, we like to know who is in our Group, and we ask that all participants officially join the Group. Eventually, there might be a list of members here, along with features that provide benefits to all members. Go to the Contact Page and send your name and email to me. Later, I'll post only the names under a "List of Members". PLEASE INCLUDE A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOURSELF AND YOUR FACEBOOK LINK (or FB name), SO YOU MAY BECOME FRIENDS WITH US. THANK YOU.

          Make a statement, and be a part. One Group, One Sign.