Class Entrance

This is Where You Find Your Classes in Magic



Greetings! This is neither inspired by, nor associated with, Harry Potter. This is the substance from which all things are inspired. This is the fabric of dreams, and this offers dreams like no other. You must begin only if you have a sure commitment in your heart, because this place is ONLY for serious practitioners of magic. We offer no refuge for abusive wizards or witches, as they must either conform to our standards or depart or face appropriate action. We are guardians of magic, and we seek the progress of positive intelligence and evolution of humanity.


You might take one class at a time, or several at one time. Whatever you choose, make sure it's within your abilities to successfully master them. Of most importance is that you understand that YOU NEVER COMPLETE OUR CLASSES, BUT YOU BECOME MASTERS IN THEM. We saw a flaw in today's global curriculum: student's can choose their classes, but have no reliable course to become masters at them. They waste months, sometimes years studying a subject that has not provided a 100% avenue for practical application. For example, who would be a better poet, one whose classes entirely focused on the arts of poetry, or one whose classes included cooking, tennis, trigonometry, history, political science, and statistics? Our hope is to provide classes that circle your ability to become excellent at one thing,  Magic. And, then you will have the power to focus your magic into unlimited areas you desire to further excel in, such as spirit magic, tree magic, candle magic, water magic, healing, love magic, eclipse magic, or just daily magic. Of course, this process in itself will help you in many other ways, but we make no false allusions to your benefits. YOU WILL GET OUT OF IT SOMETHING, AFTER YOU HAVE PUT EFFORT INTO IT. You will learn magic doesn't become completely powerful for you until you live your life entirely to magic. For now, begin your studies with understanding that you are heading into new territories. I hope all goes well for you, and that you emerge as a true 333 wizard or witch, who will be regarded as the most powerful people in magic.