Meditation's Role


 What does meditation have to do with magic?



Meditation is a vehicle to get your mind, body, and environment into a certain state or condition, to carry you to a point where your wish comes true. Your wish should not be totally unrealistic to your belief structure and your past experiences. The magic you perform will only be as good as your experience. Moreover, magic is not used for entertainment or to prove that you can make it happen.

Life is structured on a series of events that are woven into the fabric of cause and effect. When something good, or bad, happens to you, it is because of many things occurring. All things, including yourself, are connected. Why? Because nothing can occur without a purpose. If everything has a purpose, then that purpose is what connects it to something else. Hence, everything is connected. One "event" can have many things connected to it. Many "things" can have many other "things" connected to it.

Let's look at a simple example: you accidently keep a friend's pen, after he lets you use it. He leaves for work that same morning. While driving, he realizes that his pen is missing, so he starts to look for it. He doesn't notice he's driving too close to the curb, and he strikes it, causing his tire to burst. He stops the car, and he has no choice but to remove the flat and put on the spare tire. This results in him being late for work, and that results in changes to the rest of his life.

In meditation, you train your mind, body, and spirit to be completely under your control, so that when they cause changes of any kind, they directly, and indirectly, causes the changes you need for (1) magic power, (2) for your magic to succeed.

Meditation does not guarantee that everything will go perfectly for you. You have to plan and act accordingly, if you want a more perfect life.

Nevertheless, meditation will help in the following areas:

          1. concentration, to direct your power

          2. intuition, to know when and where to act

          3. intuition, to know what objects will help your magical spell

          4. self-discipline, to have control over your mind, to have control over your body, to have control over the flow of energy in your body

          5. mental discipline, to raise, store and direct energies from the universe and Gods