Our Purpose

With the mark upon your heart, you will command a unique power, but for a purpose. You are welcome to place reminders around yourself or upon your body, such as a 3 3 3 mark in the direction of a circle. Just as DNA can form appearance characteristics, or atomic molecules can form chemical compounds that may numerous effects, we possess a structure within our own energies that make us a being of 3 3 3. Those who are of this number are those who come from a life force that existed at or near the beginning. Although there may be those who pretend, and there may be those who deceive, nothing can deny the truth of this energy.

Our purpose  is to promote the expansion of life in many forms, in many ways, while destroying the powers that bring harm to life. Clarification: This cannot be followed as if carved in stone, like some tablets of law, but is a "FEELING" from within. True wisdom/purpose is a feeling, not a quote that you abide by. Oppression that has selfish roots is a gross violation of our purpose. One may seek financial wealth, and follow this rule, but he will naturally want to use much of it to help others. We are not monks, nor should we live like them. Monks, and such, often do not contribute enough to cause an influence as much as we can or should. You may, and should, use the power to acheive status and balance in your life, keeping your mind strong and intent on your purpose. This requires a regime of understanding yourself, because your enemy will spend eternity upon corrupting you.