If anyone says they have little belief in magic, ask them what makes them believe in symbols. Symbols are our connection to magic. We are instinctively drawn to them, guided by them, and live by them. They are tangible as well as intangible. They may be bold and obvious or subtle and ghost-like. They bind out universe, form our mathematics, and give us the architecture of all we build or design. They provide universal truths and laws that endue throughout time. Symbols are in all mediums, even those you would not make a direct connection to. For example, different sound vibrations can be used to cause sand or ice crystals assume distinctive shapes, and repeat the same shape for each sound vibration that is repeated. This is why symbols play a significant role in magic. Nevertheless, they do not automatically work in magic. They must be called upon properly and activated.

In this section we will cover symbols. They are energy forms that must be understood and respected.