Power is energy. It;s not a man made concept, or something ever intended to be a tool for satisfying our desires. It is natural, and it is absolutely structured by rules, some of which contradict each other. You have to conform to it. It does not conform to you, despite popular beliefs and practices in magic. This is why humility is a very useful part of cultivating your magical abilities. A big EGO is one of the worst obstacles to increasing your magical strength.

Next, get in touch with energy. It’s all around you, and it binds everything in your universe,  except the universe of NOTHING (which is a real universe itself). This act doesn’t come easily. It is by a dedicated process, where you constantly work at knowing yourself very well, being honest about yourself, and being very sensitive to everything (AND EVERYONE) around you. This doesn’t mean you should become an emotional ball of nerves, but it means to be a fervent witness to the “feelings” that pass through you when you:

  1. think of something/someone
  2. touch something, or come into contact with it
  3. experience something through any one of your six senses.

Power is a skill, and like any skill, it comes about though hard work and lots of practice.

Now you’re ready to become very powerful, right? LOL.

No. This is just to get you started. Next, you have to account for obstacles and adversaries, seen and hidden. Always account for these, and learn to overcome them ,not by changing “them”, but by changing “yourself”, or your circumstances.

Good Luck Friend. May the power of 333 be with you, with us, always.