Every Student Must Have a Grimoire


This (above) is one of my magical Grimoires.
Every student should have a Grimoire. If it’s not possible, or if it’s inconvenient, then one should at least have a collection of notes. There were time when all I had were napkins to write on. But, that was better than allowing the words to fade away.

This is not just a book, or a collections of notes, thoughts, impressions, images, drawings, diagrams, and such. It is a tool. It is a device to affect your mind, your body, and your surroundings. Oh, but it’s so much more. Like a mirror, it reflects who you are. It is a method for self improvement [in magic] and [in personal growth].

Words. Yes, these matter too. Your words are much more than you think. Even your most careless whispers reach the corners of the galaxy, one way or another. What you write in this book may be inspired by the Gods, for the Gods. While some of it may just be idle chatter, but none the less good for your advancement in magic. Let it be an inspiration and a motivation.

Blank books are available for reasonable prices. Even Walmart has a blank book (hardbound, black). Online, the books get pretty nice.

I hope someday, we will share Grimoires, together, if it be in the stars.