Let Your Magic Have Value

To often, people associate magic with a “self-serving” act. That’s the first idea that comes to mind for many: ‘how can I use magic for money, sex, romance, or revenge?’ Well, allow me to wake you up, if you haven’t already in regard to this. Magic that is always used to serve yourself loses its value over time. After a while, you will become like an empty rattling can, powerless and making just noise.

Start here, the Palestinians are obviously being oppressed by the Israelites. You can help. Let there be no more division between them. They are brothers and sisters separated by differences in politics and origin, not in flesh and spirit. It requires a firm commitment to magic to effectively influence this, because of the prevalence of evil spirits and ingrained beliefs. It would be good practice to do this. Cause the illusion of division between them to dissolve. Cause them to merge in ways that become inseparable.

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