Cosmic Energy Is Awfully Strong Now

Today: 8/3/16, Wednesday morning, 5am. I have been feeling an immense wave of energy, apparently from beyond earth, and likely from the sun. I just looked at the graphs at , and I discovered that the earth today was struck by a CME (coronal mass ejection) from the sun, and it has triggered a G2 storm. You can learn more about different strengths, or levels, or geomagnetic storms, at that website. To simplify it, I could say that the sun blew of some solar dust, and it hit earth hard enough to shake our planet’s magnetic field.

Odd as it may seem, I am always physically affected by these events. Do you know what it feels like to awake from a strong dream, or be moved by an intense memory? Now imagine having that feeling come over you without any apparent reason. Saying this to some people is like asking them to look at a moth will its raining volcanic ash.

Most people are aware of the rain, when it rains, or snow, when it snows, or heat, when it is hot, or hail, when it hails, but there is more to be aware of, there is so much more.

Tune into it if you can, because this kind of energy connects us to something beyond our ordinary dimension.