Opinion: Mr. Trump Should Go.

Why should Mr. Trump go?

I’ve been carefully considering whether Mr. Trump should stay or go, despite my impressions in 2015, of him being a danger. Now it is my conclusion that the outcome of his departure would be better than if he were to remain in control. This is not a conclusion derived from things received from the media, nor is it from anything taken at face value. It is from far reaching thoughts and impressions.

You’re welcome to join me in a spell.

The time for this spell is going to be 5/25/17, 1:43pm. Central Time, or 6:43pm. Universal Time. This will not be intended to wish harm upon him, but to wish for him to leave office. This will be on the hour of the New Moon in Gemini. We will seek that truths come to light and bring changes to bear upon him. I will carve something upon an apple, and I will likely take a picture of it and post it here. The spell will be in sync with the rotting of the apple, which you will be welcome to direct your energies at for this purpose.