Leather Pen Roll: a Wizard’s Inventory Item

Every Wizard is not only a magical practitioner, but he/she is also a writer. Many things must be written into one’s own personal Grimoire, as well as spells, or symbols, on parchment, paper, cloth, or anything else for that matter. A Wizard is not supposed to use just “any” pen, pencil, or marker for this purpose. Such an instrument IS a magical tool. All magic tools must have a special container and be used only for specific purposes.

I highly recommend a leather pen roll to hold your writing tools. Leather possesses more magical properties than plastic, and sometimes even more thanĀ  wood or metal.

In the picture above, I was at the lake with Psychelia. It is real leather, and it comes with a wrap-around strap (look up Rustic Leather Pencil Roll on Google.)

My pen roll contains a “Fountain” pen, a mechanical pencil, an eraser, and a metal stylus pen.