Question for True Knowledge

One religion for the entire universe is impossible. Moreover, all roads to magic do not lead to one core religion. A man cannot say that a recent religion
is the legitimate end to all religions in the world. It is absurd to think that not only all other religions should cease, but all other forms of beliefs, in magic and magical beings and spiritual beings, and prophesies, and psychic abilities should cease. That is absurd.
I’ve brought up this conversation because I’m puzzled over the fact that a lot of western magic has core references towards the religious beliefs of Christians and
Muslims. Almost every popular magic book mentions the biblical God, or Devil. I fully admit that it is hard to utter the name of another God, after having sworn allegiance to one God. It doesn’t seem like good judgement to spend years praying to one God, then call on another for assistance. Yet, I’m at the realization that either our one God has many names, or is not alone. In either case, I seem left with the reality that more than one religion must be the “right” one, that more than one God must be the right one. To resolve this, so far, I am trying to separate myself from the beliefs, and dogmas, of Christianity, and find my own way of worshiping to God and Goddess, and other powers.
I am not trying to lead you to stray from your religion, because this is a very hard road to follow without getting lost. The road easiest to follow, is the road
many others have traveled. Just learn to understand that the true and real creators of this universe did not come from your religious books. They really exist, and have an immensely great history to be told someday. Just imagine a very deep well inside yourself, and deep down inside of it is the truth about magic practice and its meaning that is connected with the gods.
Magic leads us to act, while science helps us to understand why. Magic is the cause of all things, both believable and unbelievable. We exist because of it. Deeply
question anyone who tells you otherwise.

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