Evil In The World Today

Before today, before the attacks in France yesterday, I saw a lot more evil in the world, more than I ever have. I wanted to mention this in a post because there was more to this statement than it seems at a glance. One might brush off this statement easily, because evil has always been a part of humanity. But, I deeply sense a gravely, dark presence in the world of people today. I see and feel a malevolent spirit living in the hearts of “millions” of people. Recently, while in Florida, I felt at times like I was standing literally in Hell. It had become a place not on earth, but somewhere else. I also had a dream about an evil that was beyond describing. It was an evil with a “dimension” that I had NEVER experienced before. It was a deeply rich evil. It had a smell, a texture, a sound, a look, a history, and much more. I don’t know if this it connected with how people have become immersed in social electronic connectedness, rather than a natural, human to human, connectedness. It could simply be a stage in our evolutionary transformation. It is something that should be faced and realized. There is a significant evil presence in the world, and this must be confronted as soon as possible. For us, we have our magical talents to turn to and help cleanse the world of this malevolent spirit. I wish all of you fighting this evil, peace and protection and guidance.

A side note: I sense the Pope is in danger.At least at the moment.

Update: earlier today (11/14/15), there was a “mass panic” at the makeshift memorial, in Paris, where hundreds of people hysterically ran from the scene, as if being chased by evil. There was “NOTHING” to cause this to happen, except one thing. A Devil or very evil presence, especially in Europe now. In this event, the fleeing people trampled the candles, flowers, and other items left in memory of the dead. This act is a bad sign for many people.

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