An Amazing Space

You are only a moment away from the most incredible experience you have ever felt. This is one of the biggest secrets in our world. Most people do NOT know how to find this experience. Today, you will be one of the few who will know how to achieve this experience, but you will still need practice to master this.

The incredible experience I am speaking of is a state of mind that possesses extreme clarity of awareness. How to get there?

  1.  Purify your mind of all the garbage that you have regularly filled it with
  2.  get yourself to see that your life is amazing. I am not referring to any event that is only related to you, as some selfish oriented occurrence. I am referring to the dynamics of life forces in action, light, sound, warmth, time, celestial reality, endless possibilities, destiny, purpose, awareness, your existence in all of it.
  3. see and feel this immense power, that is beyond words, beyond space and time, and even the confines of your dimension.

You have the capacity to do this. It is only a moment away, anytime you choose.

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