I Feel The Solar Wind — I Hope You Do Too

This is an indescribable feeling I experience, from time to time. The only way I validate the cause of my feeling s by the spaceweather.com and swpc(www.swpc.noaa.gov) websites. When I feel this rush, shifting feeling, I go to these sites and find that there is solar activity. Solor wind feels like an exhilarating experience, with very faint skin pricking (but so much more). A solar flare feels like time being shifted, distorted, with a mild feeling of euphoria.

If only the world could understand what is beyond our planet, and what we awaits our senses, people would strive together to get there, at all costs.

Open your senses, and listen to what comes our way from above. The greatest show of all time is just beyond “the wall”. Worldly desires, which all of us struggle with, is like skin over our natural born eyes.

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