The Secret of True Right and Wrong

Good and Evil sit on lines that often become obscured in confusion. Easily are we lead astray, deceived, and we become something not ourselves, something we are not.

Some people need a book, such as a form of scripture, to follow like a law book. This is not the proper way. Do you really want to know? Is it something you really hunger for?  Or are you too far lost?

Close your eyes, and open your senses. Can you feel it all around you? It is in every living thing, and often even lives in things not alive. It is a force in nature, and it has a mind, or more correctly, a consciousness, ever changing, always evolving, immensely powerful, and intelligent beyond our ability to understand it. And yet, it has allowed us to “feel” it through our senses.

The desire in people blocks this natural ability. Strong will make you totally blind to this living force. Until, at least, you learn to suppress your desires, especially the desires that promote the kind of “selfishness” that isolates you from being in touch with life around you. If you find that you can only believe in “what you see”, “what you can touch”, then you have a long struggle ahead to being able to feel this living energy.

Why is this ability important? The secret (occult wisdom): because it is a “MAP” to the stars, to a destiny, to a future, to “True Right”, to God/Goddess, and to your true self.

You know this to be true. Look at the state the world is in. Many people have become cold, with lifeless eyes, like robots, behaving predictably, without personality, and without ability to do something purely based on faith in a feeling, and having positive results.

So learn to follow the true good, from within. Practice, practice, practice. And feel this living force, let it guide you. You’ve taken time to come here, a step in the right direction.

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