Feeling A Lot of Deja Vu Today?

If you keep having strange sensations, similar to deja Vu, today, you’re not alone. I was having the same sensations, but the weren’t exactly deja vu. I kept feeling as if I had done things I had NOT done. One example, I thought I drank a drink (sweet tea) that I in fact had not drunk. But it was as if I really had taken a sip five minutes prior. Then I had a faint memory of talking to a man about something I most certainly ha not. Well don’t panic. There is a somewhat logical explanation for this. I went to the space weather website and found information about a large coronal hole opening up in the sun. This hole really is bigger than most coronal holes I have ever seen. Read more about coronal holes here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronal_hole

Time and “reality”  is really slipping off track today.


Yesterday the feelings began.  Today,  a strong geomagnetic storm hit earth’s atatmospher. See:


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