Trump Promises Well, But Smells of Danger

Donald Trump makes encouraging speeches about increasing employment,but he makes me have seriously bad feeling about him. I cannot name exactly what is causing this feeling.

I am in favor of having a lot more jobs available. I like his open skepticism about the reliability, or integrity, many members of our government. His assertions, both implicit and explicit, about corruption in our government ring true, at least in part. I sure would love to see our government not influenced by big money corporations.

But, just as I warned you one year before his election, I have a bad feeling about Trump. This is not a joke, nor am I playing a game. A lot of people may die from his actions. Time is running out to make a change. I could interfere. I could stop him, but I won’t. At least not until it is time. You have to tell our leaders not to allow him to become president. This is serious.

I would rather see the course of our own immoral government head downhill, with hope of something better, than see this bad impression evolve into reality.



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