Donald Trump — The Magical Question

I have contemplated using magic to seek a better person in the White House. I admit. I have been holding back. I feel the hand of my God and Goddess on my shoulders, signaling for me to wait. I told you  of my distrust of Donald Trump, nearly one year before he became president. And up to now, [almost] all of my concerns about him have proven to be accurate and true. Although, he is not entirely unfruitful, just as no one is. Even Hitler had his good traits and ideals.

I know that he is already in harms way, by his massive attack against so many Mexican people. Many Mexican people are firm practitioners of Santeria. If only one experienced Santero has a just cause to level a curse against Donald Trump, he is going to have the worst experience of his life.

From the look of things, he is already showing the symptoms. We will see.

In the meantime, today’s lesson is:  Nothing is so much more than you can dream.

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