A Trajedy In Life — How to Overcome

We are so distracted by many things in things in our life, fastfood, tv, movies, music, facebook, twitter, new phones, news, school, health, etc.. This steals the best jewels life has to offer, our waking dreams. Our waking dreams can be so vivid and beautiful, and the can take us to places we deeply crave to be. The experience of being in an intense waking dream (a day dream), not only strengthens our magical powers, but it also teaches us and feels better than any man-made drug. Practice day dreaming. When you become “experienced” at this, you will physically feel yourself there, and it will overpower all worries, and all pain will cease, and you will feel extremely new and enchanted. This experience goes far beyond the reach of my words. If only I could reveal how deeply intense the scope of this experience can be, you would be struck o hard, that you would have to sit down and contemplate it for some time. This is one of your greatest inner healing powers. Use it as needed.

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